Keep a Budget $$$


Keep a budget!!! Before you start to plan an event, think about how much money you can spend on the event.  Depending on if you’re planning an event for someone else (using someone else’s money), or your own, think about how much you want to spend.  When compiling a budget keep in mind the following aspects: location security deposit or location fee, decorations, food & drinks, entertainment, security, cleanup crews (any workers/volunteers), invitations or advertising.

Location fee: As I said before, when planning the event and looking at locations make sure you can afford to have your event at your desired location.

Decorations: Any event you’re planning should have decorations, whether it’s a wedding with flowers or a birthday party with streamers and balloons.  Remember to reserve enough money to have decorations.  Some people may go a little crazier than others, but when shopping for decorations stay in your budget and don’t make excuses to spend more money than you need to.

Food & Drinks: Every event should have food or drinks.  This year I planned a two-mile run and was required to have water present at the event, so it’s important to budget for food and drinks just in case of an emergency.  It’s also a common courtesy to have food and drinks at an event especially if your event is more than two hours.

Entertainment: Remember to budget for entertainment.  Whether it’s a band for your wedding, a deejay for dancing, or a clown for your son’s third birthday party it’s important to remember that people get bored easily and need to be entertained.

Security: Large scale events are going to need security.  Whether you hire police officers or bouncers to work the entrance of your event, security needs to be present.  With that being said the security most likely isn’t going to work for free so make sure you budget enough money to pay for their services and even tip them if they do a good job.

Clean-up and Set-up crews: usually the clean up and set up is done by volunteers but for larger events, hired help might be necessary.

Invitations: Like the decorations, you should budget for invitations or flyers to advertise for an event.  For even larger events paid advertisements might be necessary to attract more participants.

Happy planning and save money!


Location is everything!


Hello again, this week I am going to talk about the importance of the event location.  It is CRUCIAL to pick a location that best suits everyone’s needs and to PLAN enough in advance to make sure your desired location is available.

Renting a space– It is always a good idea to explore different options when looking for an event location.  Depending on your event size and guest list try to choose a location that will accommodate everyone.  Also try and have enough seating for your guests, guests usually get uncomfortable when they have to stand throughout an entire event.  Next, keep in mind safety and handicap accessible accommodations.  Safety is very important when event planning because you won’t want to deal with a lawsuit or breaking out your crisis communication skills.  Also keep in mind the weather conditions.  If you’re planning an event outside, have a backup location in case of inclement weather.  It’s better to re-locate an event rather than cancelling it.

Reserving the location– When choosing your desired event location first make sure it is available on your specific date.  Work with the employees of your desired space to make sure it is available and that enough staff will be there to assist in the setup and cleanup of your event.  As a courtesy to those who work at the location please do this with enough time in advance so people can rearrange their schedules if necessary. 

An in-door event space


Event Experience


Hello fellow bloggers.  This blog is designed to help assist those who have no event planning experience.  My name is Emily Flint and as a young 21 year old woman, I consider my-self an expert in event planning.  I have experience in planning multiple well attended events.  Of course, I am not perfect but I am here to share what event planning skills and tools that I learned through my experiences.

As a sister of Kappa Delta sorority, I have had the opportunity to plan multiple events serving as the philanthropy chair.  I have planned the Miss Longwood Pageant for the past two years and I am currently working on the event plans for this years pageant.  This fall I planned a “Run with the Cops” event, a two mile run around campus which raised money for Prince Edward Farmville Youth Association (PEFYA).

Through my event planning experience in my sorority I was selected for an event planning internship with the USO, a non-profit organization that lifts the spirits of military members and their families through events and support programs.  This summer I worked on three different events: a 4th of July picnic, a 5K race, and a military expo at the 2011 Nascar Kroger 200 race.  All of these events had over 1,000 people in attendance which was a great learning opportunity for me.

Through my sorority and internship I would say that I have learned a lot about event planning and want to share my experiences and advice with all of you!