Thank Your Guests


It is so important to thank guests for attending your event.  During the Miss Longwood Pageant I thanked everyone in attendance, our sponsors, judges, and the sorority.  I even had a special thank you section on our program to thank our sponsors, judges, and escorts.

After the event, I made sure to send thank you cards to those who really helped with the pageant.  I gave thank you cards to the sisters that helped me throughout the planning process which was greatly appreciated.  I also personally delivered thank you cards to our sponsors.  As I’ve mentioned before the official sponsor of the pageant was Caryn’s Bridals, Formals and Tuxedo’s so two days after the pageant I brought them thank you cards to show my gratitude.  I also brought a thank you card to the Sleeping Bee, who gave a generous discount for the judge’s gifts.

It is important to thank those who attended because without guests your event could not be possible.


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  1. I love this post. It’s short and sweet but SO important. People really do appreciate when they are recognized, even for something small. I think that over the years, thank you cards have become a lost art. Even relating to my blog post about registering for gifts, you have to appreciate people spending time and money on you. They won’t waste their time and effort again if you don’t show them at least a card saying you recognize it!

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