Evaluate your event!


To improve an event each year or each occurrence of the event, be sure to evaluate your event to give yourself suggestions for the next event.  Keeping notes on what went well or wrong is a great way to stay organized and improve your event planning skills.  As I mentioned earlier, I am the Philanthropy Chair for Kappa Delta sorority and plan the annual Miss Longwood Pageant which raises money for our national philanthropy Prevent Child Abuse America as well as Madeline’s House.

As an underclassman in the sorority I helped backstage at my first year’s pageant as being a sister.   Working backstage and having the Philanthropy Chair, a senior at the time, notice my efforts and work ethic really encouraged me and sparked my interest to plan the next year’s pageant.

That year I worked hard to plan the pageant according to how the previous philanthropy had done.  I kept most of the things the same and worked hard to have a successful pageant as well as raise a lot of money.  After the pageant I took notes on how I thought I could improve the pageant. 

This year I feel very accomplished because I have enacted most of my goals I had set for myself last year.  The first improvement I made was sending out the applications for contestants a month earlier than last year; that way campus organizations had enough time to nominate a female contestant and I knew the contestants two weeks in advance. This year a great idea because we had a new sponsorship with Caryn’s Bridals, Formals, and Tuxedos which each contestant was fitted for a dress to wear during the question and answer.   Having the contestant earlier in advance allowed the contestants to be fitted at three different dress fittings and allowing them to attend the fitting that worked best with their schedule.

I also improved on the advertising of the event.  I had two yards signs made which I hope will encourage students to attend.  Students had been aware of the pageant due to the weekly emails, fliers, and posters.  On the day of the pageant we are going to hand out shamrocks in d-hall to remind students of the pageant. 

I also improved the pageant by having a large vinyl banner made as well as programs for the pageant.  It was a big goal of mine to have the programs because I think it adds a more professional feel to the pageant.

I hope these suggestions interest you and you may use them one day at your own event.  My best advice is to evaluate the event and take notes on how to improve.

Happy Planning!


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