As I mentioned in my post, Keep a Budget $$$, it is important to plan to have decorations at your event.  Decorations can be anything from balloons, flowers, lighting, a slideshow, table clothes, table center pieces, etc.

Decorations are an important aspect of an event because you want your event to look presentable and professional.  Guests usually base their opinion of an event based on the decorations and how aesthetically pleasing the event looks.  Think of the last event you attended…do you remember what the event looked like or what decorations were used?

While choosing the decorations for an event keep in mind the type of event.  You don’t want to have all black colored decorations at a kid’s birthday party or decorations that would get ruined by the guests.   Today I will focus on decorating a philanthropy event because I would like to consider that my specialty.

As the philanthropy chair for my sorority, I have had the opportunity to plan multiple events.  At the “Run with the Cops” 2 mile run around campus we hosted, we had balloons and a banner serve as our decorations.  I guess you could say it was bad planning on my part because the day of the event was a very windy day which led the balloons to blow in the wind.

At my sororities annual Miss Longwood Pageant, we usually have plants/flowers, balloons, and table decorations serve as our form of decorations. 

Miss Longwood 2009 with the Philanthropy Chair

  Since the pageant is a beauty pageant we usually do not have decorations on stage to prevent them from being ruined as the contestants are performing their talent. 

  After putting more detail into the event, I think this year I am going to have flowers on stage near the speaker’s podium.  I think it would look really nice if we displayed the crown and winners sash on stage for guests to look at during the event.  As guests enter Jarman auditorium, we have a donations table setup for guests to donate to our philanthropy, Prevent Child Abuse America.  The table usually has a blue table cloth and information regarding the philanthropy.  This year we are going to make it look nicer by having pictures of my sorority sisters doing philanthropic events, to make the table look more fun and interactive.I hope after reading my experiences you have a better understanding on how to decorate a philanthropy event and learned a few tips on decorations.  Happy Planning!


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