Enjoy Yourself!


I get it, an event is hard work but during the event take a moment to look around:  Look at the people at your event, look at the decorations, listen to the music, and try to relax.  Take the time to enjoy the event you have worked so hard to organize, even if it’s only for a second.

The feeling after the event is very rewarding.  Feeling like you have accomplished something and have made an impact on someone’s life is a great feeling.  So remember to take a second to appreciate your work before getting back into the event process.


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  1. A good point. You always see shows like “Bridezillas” where they’re so caught up in the planning…I always wonder if they even enjoyed the event! It would be such a waste to put in all that work, only to stress and not get to enjoy the actual day.

  2. I like this post. It’s short and sweet and SO true. There’s no point in planning an event to not enjoy the end product. After you’ve finished everything, there is no point in stressing out the entire time!

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