Be Prepared and Be in Contact!


An event takes a lot of work, so make sure you are well prepared and have all the help you can get!  It is important to plan ahead.  Write out what you are going to do when you are going to do it.  Have a schedule and allow more time than is necessary.  If you think setup is going to take an hour, allow yourself an hour and a haft in case anything goes wrong.

Last year, I planned a beauty pageant for my sorority and did everything I could to be prepared.  Prior to the dress rehearsal I made stage directions for those working backstage, to inform them when the curtain would open/close, which talents needed a microphone, etc.  During the dress rehearsal I worked out any kinks in my stage directions to make sure everything was perfect during the pageant.  It is always important to be as prepared as possible.

Being organized and prepared will allow an event to go more smoothly and less stressful for all of those involved.  Have a list of your volunteers and their contact information with you at all times.  It is important to make sure your volunteers show up, and if they don’t, be prepared to have a plan of action of how you are going to get everything done with less people.  It is important to brief your volunteers to make sure you’re all on the same page.

Keep in contact with those involved at all times.  If you’ve ever watched a fashion show, you’ve seen the people back stage with headsets on talking with the other people around the show, to keep in contact with what is supposed to happen when. During any event it is important to keep in contact with those involved to make sure everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing.


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  1. This post really hit home for me. My sorority hosts a powderpuff football game every fall semester. Last semester though, it was rained out and our philanthropy chair had to contact all of the participants to let them know what was going on, thanked them for signing up, and told them that we would try to reschedule. Our new philanthropy chair still has their information in case we reschedule this semester, so she can let them know we would love to see them participate. Do you think there is anything else that our chair should have done in that situation?

    • I think your philanthropy chair did an excellent job at handling the situation. If anything the chair could have been more prepared for inclement weather by having an alternate location or telling participants ahead of time that the event would be cancelled if it rained. If the she is planning on rescheduling the event she should contact those participants asking if they would like to participate in the re-scheduled event– don’t just assume everyone is willing to participate again.

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