The Guest List


As much time and effort that goes into an event,  you want people to actually show up and enjoy themselves, that’s why it is important to make sure your event is well advertised.  Whether you’re planning a formal event and the guest list is by invitation only or if your event is open to the public, the event needs to be well advertised. 

Invitation only: For an invitation only event, the invitations need to be well thought out with all necessary information including; who, what, and why– description of the event (i.e.-birthday party, wedding, date night), when– time & date, where– place (some may need directions), how-what to do…possible theme.  If the event is well secured, guests need to know if identification or the invitation must be presented at the time of entrance.  The time of the event is also very important.  If you’re trying to plan a surprise birthday party, I would advise you to inform the guests that they NEED to be at the location by a specific time.  Also specify if the event is an “open house” that guests can come by whenever they are free during your specified times.  If a party is later at night and you only want guests to stay until 11p.m. make sure you state the end time on the invitation so guests aren’t lingering around.  Another important tip is if you want guests to RSVP; make sure to state on the invitation when you want to know if they will be in attendance.  Also make sure to include if a specific dress is required.  For formal events, make sure to state if it is a black-tie or casual dress.  For theme parties, make sure to include what the guests need to wear, for example- “wear your favorite pajamas for the sleepover party!”

Open Events: For events that are open to the public, it is important to get your advertisements where people will see them.  ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE, AND ADVERTISE.  Some common advertisements are fliers, email invitations, Facebook posts, banners, radio commercials, TV commercials, etc.  Get your message to the people and make sure they attend.  Or if you’re having a hard time getting people to your event, have an incentive for them to come.  “The first 500 people will receive a free t-shirt”.  People love free stuff, so if you offer it they will mostly likely come.


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  1. I really liked how you included exactly what to add to your invitations. I think a lot of times stating the dress code and theme for the event is overlooked because those hosting the event think it seems like common sense because don’t have an outsider viewpoint. As far as open events though, what type of advertisement do you think is the most effective/creative?

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