Location is everything!


Hello again, this week I am going to talk about the importance of the event location.  It is CRUCIAL to pick a location that best suits everyone’s needs and to PLAN enough in advance to make sure your desired location is available.

Renting a space– It is always a good idea to explore different options when looking for an event location.  Depending on your event size and guest list try to choose a location that will accommodate everyone.  Also try and have enough seating for your guests, guests usually get uncomfortable when they have to stand throughout an entire event.  Next, keep in mind safety and handicap accessible accommodations.  Safety is very important when event planning because you won’t want to deal with a lawsuit or breaking out your crisis communication skills.  Also keep in mind the weather conditions.  If you’re planning an event outside, have a backup location in case of inclement weather.  It’s better to re-locate an event rather than cancelling it.

Reserving the location– When choosing your desired event location first make sure it is available on your specific date.  Work with the employees of your desired space to make sure it is available and that enough staff will be there to assist in the setup and cleanup of your event.  As a courtesy to those who work at the location please do this with enough time in advance so people can rearrange their schedules if necessary. 

An in-door event space



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  1. Your tips on picking a location and reserving it are two things that I think would be helpful for my blog as well! It’s definitely important to think of the simple things like location and weather when you’re planning an event but it’s something that most people do happen to overlook. One thing I thought to ask though is how would you explain to a venue that they are just a backup location in case of inclement weather? Would that cost you if you didn’t end up using them and they reserved the space for you?

    • Sometimes when booking an out-door location the same company will have an indoor facility or club house that you could use. The company probably wouldn’t charge you for using either the in-door or out-door location. On the other hand, if the location does not have a club house or indoor room, you will need to book another location and explain to them that you are only using them as a back up location. You may lose a security deposit but it is always good to have a backup plan. Thanks for your concern.

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